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Kristály DeLuxe
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egy éjszakás kaland, szoba, Kristály Imperial Hotel **** - Tata
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Kristály Imperial Hotel **** - Tata
Kristály Imperia lHotel **** - Tata
Kristály Imperial Hotel **** - Tata
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Kristály Imperial Hotel **** – The oldest Hungarian  Hotel…

The building in the center of the “city of waters” is the home to the oldest hotel in Hungary. The Kristály Imperial Hotel **** with 68 rooms and high quality services, still offers its guests the reliable quality in Tata, which is corresponding to 254-year history. Formerly known as the inn of Szarka, our Hotel has provided many history-shaping guests with a peaceful, relaxing stay. Our guests included: Erzsébet Wittelsbach the Queen of Hungary, Blanka Teleky, Lujza Blaha, Mór Jókai, Károly Kisfaludy, Mihály Vörösmarty, Mór Percel, Árpád Feszty, Archduke Ferencánd Ferencz, Jenő Heltai, Gyula CSortos, Pál Jávor, Otto Habsburg. Today, the hotel awaits domestic and foreign guests visiting Tatar with a two-storey underground garage, a restaurant, a wine bar, a relaxation wellness and medical center, and a hospitable staff. The event spaces of the Kristály Imperial Hotel **** provide you with outstanding quality in the organization of business and family events and weddings, with the help of our expert colleagues! Visit us in person and try our premium services!


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Kristály Imperial Hotel **** - Tata, elegáns szoba

Kristály Imperial Hotel ****

Our hotel's more than 250-year-old walls offer our guests tranquillity and royal comfort. Our special hotel mattresses and bed linen guarantee a restful sleep for all members of the family. Our Standard and Superior rooms are just waiting for you!

The Hotel
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Wellness - Kristály Imperial Hotel Tata

Crystal SPA & Relax

The Crystal Imperial Hotel****'s elegant 240-square-metre wellness salon is designed with every detail for the pampering of our guests. The wellness salon has been designed to preserve the atmosphere of the original historic building, using premium quality materials.
All the rooms of our spa are characterised by reflective surfaces, large glossy - bronze tiles, natural stone inlays and mosaic paintings. Our guests can relax in the Finnish and Infrared sauna, tepidarium, salt crystal room, Jacuzzi and swimming pool after a long weekday.

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Esterházy Étterem - Kristály Imperial Hotel **** - Tata

Esterházy Restaurant

As the oldest hotel restaurant in Hungary, our Esterházy restaurant preserves the Hungarian culinary tradition. To maintain a balance, we also place great emphasis on following the latest trends in gastronomy. The atmosphere of the restaurant is worthy of the ambience of the more than 250-year-old four-star hotel. Its patinated arches evoke the atmosphere of the Baroque era. The Esterházy Restaurant's private room overlooking the courtyard is also elegant and intimate.

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Konferencia - Kristály Imperial Hotel **** - Tata

Magnólia conference hall

Our air-conditioned, cleanly designed event space can be divided into three sections. The room is filled with natural light thanks to its skylights. We recommend our Magnolia room for business events, trainings and meetings!

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Crystal Medical Center - Kristály Imperial Hotel **** -Tata

Crystal Medical Wellness

With a focus on health maintenance and health promotion, the Crystal Medical Center offers health-conscious guests the conditions for prevention, screening and treatment of musculoskeletal, immune and cosmetic problems. Our Medical Center is also home to our massage rooms and our unique salt clinic in Valmet.

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