Count's traditions and the tender of modernity ...

The 250-year-old Kristál Imperial Hotel **** ‘s Esterhazy Restaurant combines elegantly the respect of tradition with the expected modernity. In the restaurant we prepare both of the masterpieces of classic Hungarian cuisine and the most modern gastronomic delicacies. One of the specialties of our house is the butcher soup made according to more than 200-year-old recipe, which has been enjoyed by several of our famous guests throughout history.

The restaurant is worthy of the atmosphere of a four-star hotel. Its patinated arches bringing back atmosphere of the Baroque era into the present. In addition to the elegance of the private room overlooking the courtyard of our restaurant, it is really intimate, thanks to its separability.

Our eco-farm located just two kilometers from the oldest hotel in the country, we transport our healthy and high-quality raw materials from this farm. Our chef prepare our seasonal dishes primarily from ingredients sourced from nearby primary producers. Our own homemade specialties are also made from the ingredients found nearby: pickles, vinegars, jams, smoked hams.

Szezonális & állandó étlapunk

A'la carte

The offers of the Esterházy Restaurant follows both the change of seasons and the seasonality. Thanks for this, we are waiting for our guests with a selection that is renewed every six months. Of course, in accordance with the expectations of the age, we also offer dishes for those who follow a vegetarian, vegan or diet diet, as well as for our guests with different sensitivities (gluten, lactose).

Events at the Esterhazy Restaurant

Over the past centuries, the walls of our patinated restaurant could hosted many events. Tata's famous balls and parties, and many other public events can be connected to the Esterházy Restaurant! Nowadays, thanks to the renewal of our hotel and restaurant, we can provide personalized opportunities for guests and the residents of the area to hold private celebrations, family events, business dinners, team building, or weddings.

Wine Dinners

The Kristály Imperial Hotel**** is located in the Neszmély wine region. We respect the Hungarian winemakers and the constantly evolving Hungarian wine culture, we roam all the wine regions of the country time to time in addition to the premium items of our own winery. You can visit the hungarian wine regions, without to leave our hotel restaurant. Our chef, Norbert Kocsis, for those guests whom open to this gastronomy adventures, can taste unique wine - food pairs in the spring season and in autumn and winter. Of course, our events are open to everyone, so even a pleasant dinner with a package of accommodation and pleasant wellness relaxation can be at the oldest hungarian Hotel!