Kristály Imperial Hotel **** has been built by the design of Jakab Fellner between 1766 and 1769 commissioned by the Esterházy family. The leisure place, that originally was called Szarka Fogadó (Magpie Inn), then Esterházy Hotel, was one of the rest-houses of the Wien?Budapest route. Its first known mention in literature belongs to Ferenc Kazincy, who encountered a carriage accident in 1803 ? in route from Buda to Wien ? and had to spend eight days in the inn out of necessity. His experiences are commemorated in his work titled ?Pályám emlékezete? (Memoires of my career).

Many famous people visited our hotel throughout the ages, such as: Blanka Teleky, Lujza Blaha, Mór Jókai, Károly Kisfaludy, Mihály Vörösmarty, Mór Percel, Árpád Festy, archduke Franz Ferdinand, Jenő Heltai, Pál Jávor, Gyula Csortos, Margit Dajka, Gyula Kabos and Ottó Habsburg. Artúr Görgey, Commander in Chief during the Hungarian revolution and freedom fight of 1848-1849, went to the siege of Buda from his headquarters set up in the hotel.

The hotel lived through many ages, fames and low points, but has always been a popular location of local public life; the majority of balls, theatre plays, club- and party-meetings of Tata were held here.

Híres Vendégeink

As a result of the HUF 187.5 million received from the allocation of the Regional Operative Programme of the National Development Plan I, at the end of January, 2007, the rooms of the two historical wings could be renovated with a unique interior design.

After the public utility lines that run below the Esterházy Wing, which is closest to the main street, were passed, and the original baroque arches were removed, the guest area grew, and a new, authentic place has been created for the highly popular wine tastings.

The elegant reception area, fitting the four-star standards we were aiming at, with the lobby that has been extended and opened with huge glass surfaces showing the inner garden of the building complex was part of this project, and serves as a place for temporary exhibitions from the works of local and country-famous artists since then.

In the next development phase, the wellness area, the extension of the underground car park and a baroque resting garden were created, which made the atmosphere of the lobby even more unique with its sight.

We opened the Magnolia Hall, which is in the attic area of the Esterházy Wing of our hotel, for our old and new business partners on the 30th of August, 2013. The Hall combines the original architectural elements with the most modern style in a unique way, keeping the elegance, uniquity and exclusivity that characterizes the hotel in mind.

A new investment period started at the end of the year of 2013, during which the Medical Wellness Centre of the hotel has been created, connecting to the historical building. The development aimed the creating of medical- and preventive services.

We are very proud that Kristály Imperial Hotel **** is the oldest operating hotel of the country, existing and operating for 250 years, still shining its glory in the heart of the city, while being a building complex under historic protection.