The building complex of Kristály Imperial Hotel ****, that is a heritage-listed building, has been expanded with function-rich areas, fitting the style and nature of the original building, thanks to the continuous improvements. Thanks to this and the continuous high quality of services and catering, the hotel received many recognitions.

Hotelstars classification

Hotelstars trademark has been introduced in the cooperation of the Hungarian Hotel and Restaurant Association (Magyar Szállodák és Éttermek Szövetsége) and the Ministry for National Economy of Hungary (Nemzetgazdasági Minisztérium), and since 2010 more than 28 thousand hotels have been classified based on the identical principles, in 16 member countries. The common hotel classification scheme is based on the fulfilment of a total of 270 criteria, which were developed ? amongst other ? by the means of interviewing guests, thus it fits the needs of today, and the expectance of guests. Kristály Imperial Hotel **** has achieved four stars in the classification.A Hotelstars Union- az abban résztvevő országokban - kategóriánként egységesen meghatározta a követelményeket, melyek kivonatosan a következők:

4* - Első osztály Magas igényeket kielégítő szálloda

Legalább 18 órán keresztül működő recepció, 24 órán keresztül elérhető
A szállodai hallban kényelmes bútorok, italfelszolgálás, bár
Büfé- vagy a la carte reggeli , szobaszerviz
Kérésre fürdőköpeny, papucs
A fürdőszobában többféle kozmetikai cikk (tusfürdő, sampon, zuhanysapka, stb.), kozmetikai tükör, bőséges lerakófelület
Internet elérés és internet terminál


Hungarian Tourism Quality Award

The Hungarian Tourism Quality Award, introduced in 2006, serves the unified and reliable means of the quality assessment of Hungarian touristic services, which was developed by involving professional organisations and experts, supported by the state control of Hungarian tourism. The objective and throughout qualification system is an assurance for the satisfaction of those visiting and using the services of restaurants, hotels, touristic enterprises complying with the requirements of the Award, enriched with positive experiences.

Thanks to its high quality, Kristály Imperial Hotel **** won the Hungarian Tourism Quality Award in 2014, thus being the only awarded Hotel in Komárom-Esztergom county


Komárom-Esztergom County Repository of Values

Hungarian Government established county repositories of values in 2013, which enlist Hungarian national values and Hungaricums. The aim of the programme is to list all Hungarian manmade values, unique landscapes, traditions, products of outstanding values in a unified way, based on unified criteria. The mission of the repository of values is to find forgotten Hungarian values, and preserve them for future generations.
Kristály Imperial Hotel **** and Pálma Event House were added to the Komárom-Esztergom County Repository of Values in 2015..
A Kristály Imperial Hotel**** és a Pálma Rendezvényház 2015-ben került felvételre a Komárom-Esztergom Megyei Értéktárba.

Podmaniczky Award

Thanks to the full reconstruction of the Pálma Event House that belongs to Kristály Imperial Hotel****, our company was crowned with Podmaniczky Award by the Association of Town- and Village Protectors, acknowledging the exceptional work to protect the values of our built environment.

Investor of the Year Award

Thanks to the continuous investments during the 2000s, Kristály Imperial Hotel**** was fully reconstructed, and became extended with new, modern, four-star services. The rooms of the two historical wings got renewed in 2007, and the elegant reception area, the lobby, showing the inner garden of the building complex with huge glass surfaces, was extended. In the following development phase, the extension of the wellness area and the underground car park took place, and a baroque garden was created, which made the atmosphere of the lobby even more unique with its sight.

Thanks to the continuous improvements, the operator of Kristály Imperial Hotel****, Gasztro-Kristály Zrt. won the title ?Investor of Komárom-Esztergom county? in 2010, to reward its outstanding economic activity, and it was presented by the Komárom-Esztergom County Assembly.

Pro Tata City Award, Gold Degree

Gasztro-Kristály Zrt, the operator of Kristály Imperial Hotel**** got awarded with the ?Pro Tata City Gold Award? for its outstanding results in improving and developing the touristic life of Tata city, and preserving local touristic traditions.

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