1. Service Provider Data

Gasztro-Kristály Zrt.

Address: 2800 Tatabánya, Árpád utca 17.

Bank: MBH Bank Nyrt.

Bank accounts: HUF: (IBAN: HU40) 10300002-13190875-00014906
EUR: EUR: (IBAN: HU14) 10300002-13190875-00014889


Tax number: 10337666-2-11

Company registration number: 11-10-000387

Registration number: 11-10-000387

2. General Provisions

2.1. The General Rules of Contract listed here regulate the utilisation of the services provided by the Contractor.

2.2. No special or unique conditions are included in the General Rules of Contract. However, this does not preclude the establishment of special contracts with travel agencies or travel organisers. Contracts signed with such parties may include unique conditions.

3. Contracting Parties

3.1. The services provided by the Contractor are utilised by the Guest.

3.2. If the Guest orders the Contractor’s services directly, the Client is the Guest him or herself. Provided that the general rules of contract are met, the Contractor and the Guest become Contracting Parties (to be referred from here on out as Parties).

3.3. If the services are ordered by a third party on behalf of the guest (to be referred to from here on out as the Intermediary), the conditions of collaboration are established by the contract between the Contractor and the Intermediary. In such cases, the Contractor is not obliged to investigate whether the third party represents the Guest properly.

4. Way and Conditions of Using the Services

4.1. Any verbal or written inquiry coming from the Guest requires a written offer from the Contractor. If no order of services arrives within 48 hours after the offer is sent, all obligations related to the offer cease to exist on the part of the Contractor.

4.2. The contract between the Guest and the Contractor is established when the Guest’s reservation is confirmed by the Contractor in a written document. From this point onwards, the written contract is valid.

Verbal reservations and verbal confirmations on the part of the Contractor do not qualify as contracts.

4.3. The contract related to the Guest’s utilisation of the Contractor’s services is only valid for a limited time.

  • 3.1. If the Guest leaves the room permanently, the Contractor entitled to the full price established in the contract – unless the contract states otherwise. If the Guest leaves the room prematurely, the Contractor has the right to sell the room before the expiration of the contract.
  • 3.2. The Guest can only extend his or her utilisation of the Contractor’s services with the consent of the Contractor. In such cases, the Contractor has the right to order the payment of the services already utilised before the extension of the contract.

4.4. In order for the contract to be modified or for additional conditions to be included, a written agreement between the Parties is required.

5. Prices, Offers and Discounts

5.1. The prices of the hotel’s rooms are displayed within the rooms themselves or at the reception. The prices of all other services are displayed at the respective areas within the hotel (Esterházy Restaurant, Bohém Wine Bar).

5.2. The Contractor has the right to modify all prices without advance notice.

5.3. When the Contractor shares the prices with the Guest, the Contractor is obliged to include the tax rates (VAT, local taxes) determined by government regulations as of the time of the offer. If the relevant tax laws are modified in the meantime, the Contractor has the right to charge the increased amount to the Guest’s account – following advance notice.

5.4. Seasonal discounts are advertised on the hotel’s official website – www.hotelkristaly.eu.

5.5. Discounts for children:

0-3 years free

3-17 years: We can give discount for the children. After the reservation we will give information abut the discount by e-mail.

If the children sleep within the same room as their parents/guardians, the following prices and discounts can be applied to them:

5.6. Extra beds can only be provided for certain rooms. If the Guest needs an extra bed provided for their stay, this request has to be made at the same the as the reservation of the room.

5.7. The Hotel Kristály Imperial**** provides a special discount for members of the Hotel Association, when it is made possible by current booking rates (except for special periods and holidays).

5.8. The special periods determined by the hotel include national holidays and local festivals.

6. Cancellation Conditions

6.1. Unless the hotel’s contract states otherwise, the policies of cancellation and modification are as follows:

  • at least 7 days before arrival: free of charge
  • 6-2 days before arrival: in case of a cancellation, the price of 1 night (as established in the contract) has to be paid
  • 1 day or less before arrival: the price of all services ordered by the Guest has to be paid.

If the Client is a business organisation (this category includes economic and social organisations, churches, local councils and their organisations, government agencies and their associates, etc.) the cancellation fee has to be paid be the Client, even if the price of the services would have to be paid by the Guest him or herself.

6.2. If the Client has made a prepayment in order to secure the reservation but has failed to arrive on the established date (without any written advance notice), the entire amount of the prepayment will be retained by the hotel as a penalty fee. In such cases, the Contractor keeps the reservation until 12 pm on the following day, following which all obligations of placement on the part of the hotel cease to exist.

6.3. If the reservation has not been secured by prepayment or credit card information and the Guest has not arrived on the established day, the Contractor’s obligation of service ceases to exist after 6 pm on that day.

7. Payment Method, Guarantee

7.1. The Client is obliged to pay for the services provided by the Contractor upon departure at the latest – unless a special agreement is made, on the basis of which the bill can be settled at a later date. The Contractor has the right to issue partial invoiced for the services provided to the Guest. The Contractor requires 50% of the price of the services to be paid in advance. The Contractor also has the right to ask the Guest to pay 100% of the prices of the services upon arrival.

7.2. In order to insure the proper payment for the services established in the contract, the Contractor has the right to ask the Guest to

  • provide a credit card guarantee, on the basis of which the price of the services ordered by the Guest and confirmed by the Contractor is frozen on the Guest’s bank account for the duration of the stay
  • pay a certain part or the entirety of the price of the services in advance.

7.3. The Client can settle the bill in the following ways:

  • in Hungarian Forints
  • using cash substitutes (credit cards, Széchenyi cards, and – providing that a special agreement is made – coupons, vouchers, etc.)

The Contractor has to right to ask the Guest to make a prepayment if the reservation falls within a special period. This prepayment is 10-50% of the price of the ordered services. After the payment is made, the hotel issues a receipt with the date of the transaction displayed on it.

8. Use and Conditions of the Services

8.1. The hotel’s Guests can check into their rooms after 2 pm on the day of arrival; check-out has to be made until 11 am on the day of departure. The Parties can agree to differ from this timeframe.

8.2. If the Guest does not arrive by 6 pm on the day established in the contract, the Contractor has the right to cancel the reservation, unless a later date of arrival has been requested by the Client in advance.

8.3. If a prepayment has been made for the reservation, the Contractor is obliged to keep the reservation until 12 pm on the following day.

8.4. If the hotel’s capacity allows it, the Contractor provides an early check-in or late check-out if requested by the Guest. If a Guest wishes to utilise this service, the request should be made at least one day before arrival.

9. Pets

9.1. No pets are allowed into the hotel, as per the Contractor’s decision.

10. Refusal of Fulfilment of the Agreement, End of the Service Obligation

10.1. The Contractor has the right to annul the contract immediately, thus refusing to provide any services in the following cases:

  1. the Guest does not use the room and other service areas in accordance with the hotel’s rules
  2. the Guest displays improper conduct regarding the safety, rules and staff of the hotel, is under the influence of alcohol/drugs, or displays a hostile/threatening behaviour
  3. the Guest has a contagious disease
  4. the Client does not fulfil their obligation of payment or prepayment by the date established in the agreement.

10.2. If the contract is not completed due to vis major reasons, the contract is automatically annulled.

11. Accommodation Guarantee

11.1. If the Contractor cannot provide the services established in the contract due to the Contractor’s error (e.g. overbooking, temporary maintenance issues, etc.), the Contractor is obliged to organise the Guest’s placement in another facility immediately.

11.2. The Contractor is obliged to:

  1. Organise or offer the provision of the services (as established in the contract) at another venue of the same or higher quality for the time period originally agreed upon, maintaining the original price. Any extra charges resulting from the change of facilities are to be paid be the Contractor.
  2. Provide the Guest with a free opportunity to make a phone call in order to announce the change of venues.
  3. Provide free transfer to the new venue and back.

11.3.  If the Contractor fulfils the requirements listed above, and the Guest accepts the new venue, the Guest does not have the right to demand compensation afterwards.

12. The Guests Illness or Death

12.1. If the Guest should fall ill while utilising the hotel’s services and cannot act on his or her own behalf due to the illness, the hotel offers to organise medical help.

12.2. In the case of the Guest’s illness or death, the Contractors has the right to demand compensation from the Guest’s family or heir. The compensation can cover the following: any expenses related to the medical help provided to the Guest, the price of the services utilised prior to the Guest’s death, as well as compensation for any damage caused by the Guest to the hotel’s equipment and furniture.

13. Guest Rights

13.1. As established by the contract, the Client has the right to utilise the hotel’s services, provided that he or she abides by the rules of the hotel. The other facilities belonging to the hotel (Crystal Spa&Relax, underground garage) can also be used by the Guest, if no rules are broken during the usage of these areas. The Guest has the right to utilise other various services offered by the hotel, provided that they pay the price listed for said services.

13.2. The Guest has the right to hand in a complaint regarding the hotel’s services during their stay. The complaint can be entered into the guest book, or the Guest can request the registration of a written report. The Contractor is obliged to investigate all guest complaints.

14. Guest Obligations

14.1. Payment as established in the contract: payment for the ordered services has to be made until the deadline stated in the contract, or the ceasing of said contract.

14.2. If a Guest should bring drinks or food items purchased outside of the hotel into the building, the Contractor maintains the right to charge an appropriate amount of money to the guest’s room. No food or drinks purchased at the hotel or its restaurant are permitted to be taken outside the building.

14.3. If a Guest has any electronics that are not travelling necessities, he or she is obliged to ask for the Contractor’s permission before using these items.

14.4. All Guests’ vehicles are permitted to be parked within the hotel’s underground garage free of charge.

14.5. The official rules of traffic are applicable within the garage as well. The speed limit inside the garage is 5 kmph.

14.6. Waste should be collected in the trashcans found in the public areas and rooms of the hotel. The pieces of furniture found in the rooms and other areas of the building may not be removed from the premises.

14.7. All furniture and pieces of equipment found in the building complex are to be used according to the rules detailed within the handling manuals displayed in the hotel. The Contractor cannot be held responsible for any issues arising from the use of these items.

14.8. In accordance with the law passed for the protection of non-smokers (1999/XLII.) the hotel is a non-smoking facility as of 1 January 2012. This means that it is prohibited to smoke in the closed areas of the hotel (including the rooms), as well as all public areas and open spaces belonging to the hotel (including the parking space and the balconies). Signs calling attention to these rules have been displayed on the premises by the Contractor. Staff member of the hotel have the right to request guests and other persons spending time in the building to abide by these rules. All persons on the premises are required to follow these rules and to ask all other persons to follow them, as well. If the Contractor should be fined by the authorities due to a guest’s breaking these rules, the Contractor maintains the right to charge the fee to the guest in question.

If a guest should smoke inside any of the hotel’s rooms, the Contractor has the right to charge and extra 10 000 HUF cleaning fee to the guest.

14.9. In the case of a fire, the reception should be notified immediately. In such cases, guests are obliged to vacate their rooms or the hotel’s public areas, as detailed by the signs displayed around the hotel. The lifts are not to be used in case of a fire.

14.10. If any damage is done to the building or its furniture/equipment due to improper use by a guest or guests, the persons in question are obliged to pay a compensation to the Contractor for the damage.

14.11. If a guest wishes to use fireworks or other items requiring official permission from the authorities, he or she is obliged to ask for the hotel’s written approval before using said items. The permission needed for the usage of the items is to be acquired by the guest.

14.12. It is the Guest’s responsibility to ensure that no children under the age of 14 travelling with the Guest are left without supervision in the hotel.

14.13. If any harm should come to the Guest during his or her stay at the hotel, he or she is obliged to make a report immediately, providing the Contractor with all the details necessary to the investigation of the circumstances or the filing of a police report.

14.14. The Guest acknowledges that a CCTV system operates within the hotel (including the garage and the immediate outer areas of the hotel but excluding the rooms, the changing rooms and restrooms).  The footage is stored and later deleted in accordance with the respective rules and regulations.

14.15. Guests (as well as all persons visiting or travelling with the hotel’s guests) are obliged to behave in a way that does not bother other persons on the premises unnecessarily.

14.16. Upon departure, guests are required to leave their room key cards at the reception. If a guest should fail to do this, or should lose the key card, the Contractor has the right to charge a replacement fee to the Guest, to be paid upon check-out. Key cards can be used until 11 am on the day of the Guest’s departure. Following this, key cards expire and cannot be used to enter the room again – unless the Guest and the Contractor have agreed differently.

15. The Contracting Party?s Liability for Damages

Guests are to be held responsible for any harm or damage done to the Contractor or a third party by the Guest, persons travelling with the Guest, or any other persons for whom the Guest is responsible. This holds true even if the damaged third party maintains the right to demand compensation from the Contractor.

16. The Service Provider?s Obligations

The Contractor is obliged to

  1. Provide all ordered and confirmed services in accordance with the applicable rules and standards of service
  2. Investigate guest complaints and take all necessary measures, all of which have to be entered into a written register
17. The Service Provider?s Liability for Damages

17.1. The Contractor is to be held responsible for all damage done to the Guest by the Contractor or staff members of the hotel.

17.2. The Contractor cannot be held responsible for damage that did not occur due to the actions of the Contractor or the hotel’s staff or were caused be the Guest him or herself. The Contractor is not responsible for damage arising from improper use of the hotel’s equipment. Rules applicable to the hotel and the wellness section are provided to guests within the information binders found inside the rooms.

17.3. The Contractor has the right to designate areas within the hotel that guests are not allowed to enter. The Contractor is not responsible for any damage or injuries occurring in these areas.

17.4. The scope of the Contractor’s responsibility for damage occurring within the Crystal Spa&Relax section only covers items that are normally taken into the wellness area by guests.

17.5. If any harm should come to the Guest during his or her stay at the hotel, he or she is obliged to make a report immediately, providing the Contractor with all the details necessary to the investigation of the circumstances or the filing of a police report.

17.6. The Contractor provides a safe for each of the guest rooms, along with a manual that can be found next to the safe. The safe is used only by the Guest. Therefore, the Contractor is not responsible for the items placed inside it.

18. Lien

The hotel has lien over the items that the Guest taken inside the room. The Contractor has the right to prevent the removal of these items from the premises until the Guest has settled the bill in its entirety.

19. Security of Managed Data

19.1. In order to sign up to the hotel’s newsletter on the official website, an e-mail address is required. By signing up to the newsletter, users agree to have their data handled by the hotel. The hotel stores and handles these data until the user requests their deletion.

19.2. Users can unsubscribe from the newsletter by clicking on the direct link in the e-mail.

19.3. The user is obliged to ensure that the data provided to the hotel is valid.

19.4. The Contractor protects these data from unauthorised access, modification, forwarding, publication, deletion or destruction, as well as accidental deletion or injury.

19.5. The Contractor works together with the runners of the server to ensure the safety of the data.

19.6. The data can only be accessed by the handler and their colleagues. No personal data is provided to third parties.

19.7. Data can only be provided to third parties after the user’s prior agreement.

19.8. The user acknowledges that the Contractor is required by law to provide these data to authorities when necessary. The user cannot issue a complaint regarding the provision of data to authorities when it is lawfully done.

20. Force Majeure

All events (e.g. war, fire, floods, extreme weather, blackouts, strikes) that are not under the control of the Parties (vis major) undo the Parties’ obligation to fulfil their side of the contract as long as the event in question is under way. The Parties agree to try to reduce the likelihood of these events happening, in order to fix any damage or delay stemming from them.

21. Scope of the General Terms and Conditions

The General Conditions of Contract listed here are displayed on the Contractor’s website. By accepting and ordering the hotel’s services, the Client (Guest or Intermediary) agrees to these rules.

22. Applicable Law and Proceeding Court

Interaction and cooperation between the Client and the Contractor are controlled by the Hungarian Civil Code of Law. Any dispute related to the contract or its fulfilment are to be handled by the local legal authorities. Depending on the financial weight of the dispute, this authority can be District Court of Tatabánya or the Court of Law of the same town.

Tata, 2021.

Gasztro Kristály Zrt.