Dear Guest!
Our hotel is seeking to provide the maximum safety to our guests and to our staff, therefore in the following document we going to acquaint the safety rules with its hinges, created due to the virus of COVID 19. For further informations our colleagues at the Recepction are at your disposal.

On the Reception the below regulations valid:

  • To our colleagues at the reception, the mask is compulsory.
  • We request our guest to wear an equipment ( for example mask ) that covers the mouth and the nose when entering and being at the reception ? these equipment can be purchased at the reception as well
  • We are providing a sterile pen to our Guests, for the registration at the check-in and check-out
  • Disinfecting the credit card terminal  – after every guest
  • The given informative documents etc…in every case it reaches to the Guest after a disinfection
  • After the check-out the room keys gets disinfected, and then they get to use again
  • On the counter and on the  crowded areas, contactless dispensers can be used
  • We are taking care of the physical distance of our Guests
  • In the public areas a hygiene stations got installed
  • Next to the confirmation, we also sending you the registration form, to reduce the contact to the minimal during the check-in ? if the Guest requires it
In the Public areas of the hotel, the following regulations are valid for our Guests sake:

regularly. It includes: door-knob, lift buttons, switches,handles,balustrades, telephones

The public areas gets ventilated regularly by our colleagues.

The community bathrooms, toilets and its fixtures, light switches, faucets has a high-priority during the disinfaction.

Antiseptic soap will be filled to the soap dispenser of the community bathrooms.

Our rooms are also counts as a safety island. More precautionary measures got implemented next to the retain authority of keeping the maximum comfort:
  • The usually touched surfaces of the rooms are gets disinfected daily.: door-knob, handles, phone, light switch, handles of the cabinets and drawes, TV remote, table, night stand, sink and faucet, shower mixer, soap dispenser,  toilet flush button
  • We made a daily one-time cleaning cumpulsory
  • Before every entering to the room, the disinfecton with an alcoholic gel/liquid is compulsory from the side of our staff
  • Bathroom-kit: Above to the standard bathroom-kit, we place a disinfectant into the rooms too
  • After the cleaning a UV-C antiseptic and ozonizer lamp will be placed into the clean room, which has a 15-30minutes of operating time. During this time is NOT ALLOWED being in the room.( During the operating time a notification placed in front of the door will be warning you to the process )
  • If you need more equipment that provides security ? A safety package can be purchased on the reception which including: antiseptic, washable mask, liquid sanitizer, rubber gloves


Safety in the Wellness:
  • Based in the recent credentials, in the water the rules are, in 4 square meters per 1 Guest, in case of the jacuzzi it means maximum 5 people,and  in case of the swimming pool  the capacity is maximum 15 people. The compliance of this has to be checked by the receptionists. ( If necessary, a Guest can be noticed to keep the regulation!)
  • For those, whose not staying in on household, the safety distance of 1,5 meters has to be kept in the resting area.
  • Before entering, and after the usage of the swimming pool, the pre- and post shower is mandatory !
  • The sauna can be  used at the same time only by people staying in one household.
  • The sauna is disinfected by our colleagues in every 30 minutes.
Safe environment in the Esterhazy Restaurant and in the Baroque Courtyard:
  • At the beginning of every shift, (before the guest arrival ), we are taking care of the adequate preparation: cleaning, sanitizing of the guest area and the inner serving departments. Only sanitized goods gets into the sales area.
  • Using mask and rubber gloves is mandatory for the waiter and for kitchen staff, and  its mandatory to use sanitizer at every guest table switch.
  • At the entrance of the Esterhazy Restaurant, a contactless sanitizer will be placed.
  • At the arrangement of the guest tables, we are considering the mandatory 1,5 meters of safety distance between the tables.
  • The seating of the guests will be happening by our waiters.
  • The top tablecloths will be changed after  the leaving of every guest.
  • We are taking special attention to the steril usage and disinfection of the trays, plates, glasses, cutleries,
  • Instead of buffet dinners, we are serving the guests individually, the breakfast and pansion dinner will be served based on a pre-specified options.
In the nem of the staff, we  are wishing a peaceful and cloudless pastime to You, in the oldest working hotel in Hungary, the Kristály Imperial Hotel****!


The 250-year-old Kristál Imperial Hotel **** has chosen the ROTTE GROUP and its own protective equipment as partners in the protection against COVID 19 virus.

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